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Please feel free to download any or all of these posters and distribute copies widely.



These posters are ideal to distribute via: 

    • Notice boards in your organisation - staff rooms,             reception areas, around the workplace

    • Your next mail out

    • Your next email out

    • As an insert in your next newsletter / magazine /

       journal / periodical 

    • Hand out at the next meeting you attend or hold

    • Hand out or send copies to individuals, groups,              services and / or organisations that you believe               may be interested in female mental illness issues. 


The posters are in pdf format and can be printed out in A4 size. You may choose to enlarge to A3.


Note: Please copy onto white paper and print in colour.

feminist circle, circle of women poster 2023


woman worn out modest poster 2023


woman worn out full poster 2023


Contemplation poster

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