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Story of Artworks by Sue E. Armstrong

These Artworks are available on a range of products from REDBUBBLE at asc=u
All proceeds from sale of these Artworks go to the Impatient project advocating the need to
reinstate female only psychiatric wards Australia wide and internationally

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Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria POSTCARD to Minister, Bronwyn Pike.jpg

Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria POSTCARD Campaign to the then Victorian Minister for Health, Bronwyn Pike

Woman Worn Out evokes many powerful reactions. The sign of a successful artwork.

She is, after all, the poster "girl" of our campaign and has been hard at work over the decades.

She made her first public appearance on a postcard in a campaign in 2007 by Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria to the then Minister, Bronwyn Pike. Eventually in part due to the postcard campaign we got government funding to establish gender specific spaces in existing acute mental health services, including women-only corridors across Victoria.


A band aid measure, as gender specific spaces do not answer all the issues in mixed sex psychiatric wards, but are a good start.

Woman worn out full version.jpg

Woman Worn Out

Full version

She also made an appearance on the cover of a booklet by the Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria, ‘Nowhere to be safe. Listening to Women Consumers’ Experiences in Mixed Sex Psychiatric Wards

I was asked to bring the original of Woman Worn Out to an AGM of Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria. They invited female artists, writers, poets and musicians to attend. Fully framed I tucked her under my arm and took her on an outing. She got a very warm response. I was very pleased to be amongst a gathering of such talented women with a lived experience of mental illness.

She also appears on the webpage of Women on the Line 3CR (Community Radio) Interview with Professor Jayashri Kulkarni and Sue E. Armstrong talking about the need for female only psychiatric wards.


Woman Worn Out is currently doing the rounds as the flagship of the Impatient documentary and projects.


Feminist circle -

circle of women

Embedded in the design of the Feminist circle - circle of women is the shorthand symbol for Psychiatry.  The letters Ψ or ψ can also be a symbol for Psychology.

Also embedded in the image is the symbol for females.



She has been around for decades.  Appearing on notice boards at various locations. When I was working as a consumer consultant at St Vincent’s Psychiatric Services, the most senior manager included a copy in his newsletter to all staff/workers. Over the years most people have related to at least one panel and are offended by at least one other. Some people relate to all the panels.

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