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The Patient Majority

Gerrand, Valerie, et al. The Patient Majority: Mental Health Policy and Services\ for Women. Geelong, Victoria, Centre For Applied Social Research, Deakin University With The Assistance Of The Victorian Council Of The Royal Institute Of Public Administration Australia, 1993.
ISBN 0730020371

nowhere to be safe

Report of the Victorian Women and Mental Health

Network’s project ‘Listening to Women Consumers’

Experiences in Mixed Sex Psychiatric Wards’, 2007

Women’s Safety Matters
A footprint of 30 years and beyond

Women's Mental Health Network Victoria 2018

ANROWS Research Report
Preventing gender-based violence in mental health inpatient units

Issue 01 January 2020

Call for assistance to research and writing of position papers

Seeking contributions from All disciplines

Academics, students, researchers from tertiary education and other

research organisations. As well as independent researchers.

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