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Email a letter of support

We are seeking letters of support from individuals, groups, organisations and services: ​Local, regional, statewide, Interstate, Federal, Overseas and International.

Your letters will be used to support our project and be forwarded to policy makers.

Please let us know in your email if you do not wish your letter to be publicly available.


We would like to know your reasons for supporting the project, or why you think female only psychiatric wards should be reinstated.


We also want to hear about any good and bad personal experiences; good and bad practices; and best practices for services, organisations, groups, and individual workers / professionals that you have experienced.

Please address your letter to "To Whom It May Concern". if you wish to remain anonymous, feel free to sign as, for example, "Female with a psychiatric disability" or similar.


Can you please encourage others to write a letter of support, or suggest who else we could approach for letters of support?

Email a letter of support

Could you please email us at

and add your letter of support as an attachment.

Please include your name, and let us know if you do not want your letter to be made public

Letters of support thus far

The Law institute of Victoria

Women with disabilities Victoria

Barbara Shalit

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council

Female consumer consultant

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