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Impatient the documentary

IMPATIENT- The Documentary follows artist and activist Sue E. Armstrong’s efforts to make the mental health system safer for females (girls, young women, women, and older women) with mental illness issues.


The film was submitted to the current Australian Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disabilities, and will be used to convince policy makers to change the status quo and make psychiatric wards safer for females everywhere.

Screening Impatient the documentary

We are seeking to distribute our information far and wide, and hope you will assist by sharing our information to your external & internal networks.

Please explore our website and view our films. Short version (8 mins), full documentary (46 mins) 

You may also arrange a screening, including as an agenda item at relevant meetings.

IMPATIENT Short Version - 8 minutes

IMPATIENT Full Film - 46 minutes

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