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We are advocating for

the reinstatement of female only psychiatric wards,

and further development of female psychiatry

and female mental illness services in the community,

Australia-wide and internationally.

Assist us to get female only psychiatric wards reinstated

for the safety of all females everywhere.

After all, it could be your mother, your wife, your daughter, your sister, your grandmother, your partner, or any female you know.
Or even you.

IMPATIENT! - the Documentary

Watch the full documentary here
(46 mins)
(c)  Chocolate Scorpion Productions 2021

Read About Impatient the Documentary

And if you don't have enough time to watch the full documentary right now, then
Short Film #2 here

(8:5 mins)
(c)  Chocolate Scorpion Productions 2021
Quick stats and facts

Placement in psychiatric wards in Australia doesn't distinguish between

a 60 year old woman with manic depression

and a 20 year year old man with a drug or alcohol induced psychosis.

So your mother or grandmother could be sharing her whole living experience

in a psychiatric ward with a strange man.

Across nine Area Mental Health Services (AMHS) surveyed in Victoria,

85% of female inpatients felt unsafe during hospitalisation,

67% reported experiencing sexual or other forms of harassment and

45% of respondents had experienced sexual assault during an in-patient admission.

The report further described that when the women patients reported the incidents,

82% found the nurses to be “not at all helpful”.

( "ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT: A Safe admission for women".

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council - VMIAC, 2012 )

So, what do you think?

Should women and girls have the right to feel safe from all forms of assault

 when they are admitted into hospital for their mental health care?