Why the change to mixed sex psychiatric wards in the 1960’s and SORRY.


Authored by Sue E. Armstrong

It may seem that some of the following references are out of date, but the truth of it is that the same issues keep coming up, and we keep re-inventing the wheel in Australia and elsewhere.

A report is researched and recommendations made, then a couple of years later another report is researched and written with similar material and little change.

It is most unfortunate that the majority of the recommendations from the material have not been implemented over the past decades and this begs the question: why?

The following documents are listed in date order from earliest to latest, to demonstrate the long history of calls for change. To date we have only listed the “The Patient Majority”, 1993. More to come shortly, pending permissions from publishers.

If we have missed something significant, we would be obliged if you could send us a hardcopy and scanned copy. Please provide full reference details, information about how to order free copies or how to purchase a copy, and links.

Recommended Reading, Listening and Viewing

The Patient Majority: Mental Health Policy and Services For Women.

Valerie Gerrand 1993